Whack Job | book #2

WHACK JOB, the 2nd Elliott Lisbon Mystery, released on May 13, 2014. Yay! Join Elli on her next adventure with the wealthy and the wacky. I had a total fan moment when I received the August 2014 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and saw this lovely review:

“The heroine of this wacky series, Elliott Lisbon, is the director of a nonprofit foundation on an island community off the South Carolina coast. Lynn establishes a playful tone with the opening line: “A guy walks into a bar with a satchel full of money in one hand and a banana in the other.” The man with the banana then proceeds to shoot one of the local benefactors. Between searching for a stolen Faberge egg, overseeing a charitable Wonderland Tea Party, and uncovering a sketchy life-insurance scam, Elliott Lisbon pursues romance and a private investigator’s license. The story is lightweight, but the irrepressible heroine is delightful and her ongoing banter is nonstop fun.”