an elliott lisbon mystery (#2)

Whack Job

Henery Press | May 2014

Elliott Lisbon blends her directorship of the Ballantyne Foundation with her PI-in-Training status by planning parties and performing discreet inquiries for charitable patrons. But when the annual Wonderland Tea Party makes everyone go mad as a hatter, Elli gets pulled into a shooting, a swindle, and the hunt for a Fabergé egg.

From seedy pawn parlors to creepy antique shops, Sea Pine Island’s other half prove to be as wacky as the wealthy. Elli falls farther down the rabbit hole and finds a scheming salesman, a possessive paramour, a dead donor—everything but a bottle labeled “Drink Me.” As events quickly evolve from curious to crazy, Elli gets lost in the maze and finds herself trapped in a house of cards with a killer.


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Nice things people say:

“…back for another episode of juggling sleuthing, professional responsibilities, and complicated personal relationships…Lynn whips all these ingredients into a tasty southern mash of star-crossed romance, catty but genteel one-upsmanship, and loveable oddballs that should please fans of humorous cozies.” – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“…the irrepressible heroine is delightful and her ongoing banter is nonstop fun.” – Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“‘I used to be able to juggle six wet cats while balancing a bowl of Jell-O on my head. Now I couldn’t locate a cat if I stood in a barn with a can of tuna in one hand and a mouse in the other.’ Elliott’s self-effacement makes her an unusually lovable protagonist, especially when she lets fly with comments like that.” – Mystery Scene Magazine

“Elli Lisbon is proving herself to be the most lovable OCD PI since Adrian Monk.” – Maddy Hunter, Agatha-Nominated Author of the Passport to Peril Series

“A must-read mystery with a sassy sleuth, a Wonderland of quirky characters, and a fabulous island setting that will keep you turning pages.” – Riley Adams, Author of the Memphis Barbecue Mysteries

“A great second entry in this delightfully amusing cozy mystery series. Elli is smart and level-headed as she deals with some pretty wacky characters who would test anyone’s sanity. The mystery is well-conceived and keeps readers’ attention until Elli can solve the case.” – Fresh Fiction

“Step inside the pages of this wonderfully executed story as a very gutsy and determined Elliott earns some hours towards her PI license…Nick Ransom and the people in Elli’s circle are back in their own unique way to contribute to the freshness of this delightfully entertaining whodunit.” – Dru’s Book Musings

“Huzzuh! Elliott Lisbon is back…Lynn has written a delightful romp and you’ll never want it to end. I enjoyed Board Stiff, but Lynn has shown us that her Elliott Lisbon series is just going to get better and I can’t wait for the next installment.” – Literary, etc.

“I found this totally enjoyable to read and can’t wait to hear from Ms. Lynn and the further adventures of Elliott. Highly recommended. Five stars.” – Open Book Society