an elliott lisbon mystery (#4)

Pot Luck

Henery Press | December  2016

It’s time for the Irish Spring at the Ballantyne Foundation, and charity director/PI-in-training Elliott Lisbon kicks off the annual Pot of Gold Cook-Off in shamrock style. Twenty chefs compete for the corned beef and cabbage crown but only one can win the title. The odds improve when one chef goes missing…until Elli finds the Ballantyne’s own Chef Carmichael standing over the body with a knife.

With pug puppies, Colonel Mustard and Mrs. White, by her side, Elli searches both sides of coastal living for a clue to the killer. From million dollar condos to a run-down trailer park, the evidence pits her against sexy Nick Ransom, and the case gets hotter than a handful of peppercorns. Something about the case smells funny—and it has nothing to do with the cook-off. The luck of the Irish is nowhere in sight, but if Elli can’t crack this one open, Chef’s goose will get cooked for good.

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Nice things people say:

“Elli’s newfound maternal devotion to the puppy pugs is a delight, as are her witty and wry reactions to obstacles. Readers will only want to spend more time in the company of this spunky heroine, whose strong streak of independence gets her into trouble as much as it has her taking up the burden of her friends.” – Kings River Life Magazine

“Elli is one of my favorite characters and I love her strong sense of being, her spunkiness and her determination to do what needs to be done. Boasting an eclectic cast of characters, clever and enticing dialogue and the perfect backdrop of the Ballantyne estate and Sea Pine Island, this is one of the best books in this delightfully captivating series.” – Dru’s Book Musings

“The madcap adventures that ensue are hilarious, while also at times, being dangerous. I always find this series to be fun, entertaining and enjoyable.” – Deb Krenzer, The Reading Room