a sixty-second snapshot

I’m a Southern California native who moved to Michigan at twenty-one. Who knew it would be so different? I bought a coat, boots, and gloves, then blasted through my twenties: fabulous friends, fun roommates, and trips to places near and far. I eventually (unwittingly) became an entrepreneur when I helped launch a stamp company. What an experience! We grew it from one tiny office to our very own stamping empire.

In 2008, I decided life was too short to shovel snow (theoretically; the nice man with the snow plow did it for us), so I plotted my relocation to an island where the days are sunny and the winters warm. Life was slower in that wedge of the South. The nights were black as pitch and it wasn’t unusual to see an alligator cross the road.

After basking in paradise for several years, I packed my bags and headed to Texas. Texas! Where the days are hot and the nights are, too. Combining my fifteen years of entrepreneurial savvy with my ten years of designing, writing, and editorial experience, I co-founded Henery Press (2011) (with a partner of course, it takes a village), an independent publishing house for mysteries — and I’m loving it!  I’m a girl blessed. I’ve served as president of the board of directors fo‍‍‍r both Sisters in Crime (national) and Sisters in Crime North Dallas, a chapter I co-founded in 2014.

I’ve read a thousand books. Three thousand, probably. My fiction tastes vary, but after my first Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators book in the second grade, my heart belonged to the mystery genre. I loved Little Women, Charlotte’s Web, and A Wrinkle in Time, but a secret junk yard headquarters, a string of spooky mysteries, and a trail of question marks? I was in. Give me a flashlight, a snack, and a stack of books, and I’d be set.  Still holds true today.

My debut novel, Board Stiff, was an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel — what an honor! For a sneak peek into Elliott Lisbon, my not-quite-so-amateur sleuth, check out the prequel novella, Switch Back originally featured in Other People’s Baggage, where she encounters murder and mayhem in the land of Texas barbecue. After Board Stiff (#1) comes Whack Job (#2), where it takes more than a Faberge Egg and a Wonderland Tea Party to knock Elli off her game. Now Elli must juggle poisoned cupcakes, sniping dance moms, and cut-throat cheftestants in Swan Dive (#3). And so you’re up to date on everything, Pot Luck (#4) features the Ballantyne’s Irish Spring which brings Elli a pot full of bad luck (and a pair of pugs).

Random Bits: I’m left-handed, prefer cupcakes for dinner, and am pretty sure my first solid food was an In-N-Out burger (ketchup and spread only). I can spot a bug on the floor across the room even with the lights out and I really hate shopping.